Cityscapes by Stefan Bleekrode

Broadway And Canal Street by Stefan Bleekrode / source:

“Most of my paintings can best be described as snapshots of things I’ve seen when travelling or just going through my everyday routine, small bits of beauty in familiar settings. Often they come in through the backdoor, and after a while I turn these ideas, combined with a good bit of my own imagination into fully worked out paintings.”

By Stefan Bleekrode.

The Lounge Chair

Lounge Chair, Charles & Ray Eames, 1956

In 1956 one of the most influential piece of modern furniture has been designed. Charles and Ray Eames set new standards. After more than half century it is still actual and classy, however back in the day Ray Eames has remarked in a letter the chair is “comfortable and un-designy”. The production is still active today, therefore you can buy yours with various combination of materials for around $9,000.

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Kre house

Kre House by No.555 Architectural Design Office / kre-05

Kre House by No.555 Architectural Design Office / kre-01

Notorious car lover, gasoline pumps in his veins, knows the top speed of most of the automobiles out there. If you dont have such a friend, then it is probably you. And I think you would love this house. Not to metion the Countach.

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