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1. What is the profile of the company Wayi?
Our profile consist of 5 parts: visualization, architecture and interior design, graphic design, marketing and construction management. Our services contain various packages both for individuals in private and retail sector, and real estate investor companies, residental, retail, commercpeial, health care service industries.
2. How do I benefit from hiring a team from abroad?
All member of the team have 7-10 years work experience, all have lived and worked abroad, also some still live in Austria or Denmark. We are able to do the full spectrum of the architectural planning, marketing and the construction at the same time. For example we manage the process of the construction and deliver all the materials, furnitures 30% cheaper from abroad rather than buying it at your country. Working with us can save time and money. Have a look at our portfolio.
3. Your company provides marketing packages. How does it benefit my company?
For instance if your real estate development company would like to boost your marketing campaign, we provide fully detailed Full HD rendered photorealistic fly-through animations and still images, so your clients can imagine how the real estate would look like.
4. My company needs to achieve a better position on the market. Can you help in this?
Yes, we do brand identity and graphic design both online and offline. Online communication contains custom designed and search optimised website, marketing campaigns. Offline communication contains company identity, brochures, logos, flyers, advertisement. We also have SEO experts working with us.
5. Who is your target audience?
Those who are not satisfied with ordinary solutions and would like to live in a unique and contemporary atmosphere. Our highly trained team only does high quality work. Unique, custom designed planning is our profession.
6. Do you have any references?
We have already worked together with architecture studios, real estate development companies and individuals. Our sales team also collaborates with talented architects and designers from abroad. The highest recognition of our work is when new customers contact us by recommendation.
8. Is there a chance for personal consultation?
Yes, we are available any time in Budapest. We try to answer all queries within 24 hours.
9. How long does it take to do a plan for me?
It depends on which package you choose. For instance, in case of the visualization package an Ultra HD photo-realistic rendered still image typically takes 3-4 days with post production. Animation could take 2 weeks. Architectural and interior design process is a far more complex process, from the first sketches to the construction plan it takes approximately 1-2 months.
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10. Do you request an advance payment?
Yes, we request 30% down payment of the total price to start working on your request.
11. I’m totally interested!
So tell me, how can your team manage the construction abroad?
Once the implementation plan is finished, the selected materials and objects (flooring, sanitary ware, coatings, carpentry work) are put into containers and transported via sea or air transport to the construction site. After, our carefully selected construction team will unload it and will start to work. One of our collegues regulary checks the construction phase once a week until every single item is completed.
12. How is this company different from others?
Most of the design based studios focus only on one segment of the real estate market, like architectural visualization, planning, construction management, graphic and web design, marketing and interior design. The coordination of a project (eg. design a wellness hotel) requires a lot of time and good organization. All the design work is done by our experienced in-house design team. We do not outsource work to other companies.
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